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Trikes, Bikes & Scooters

 Ages 2-4             Ages 4-6         Ages 6-10

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We’re proud to feature in our range world leading brands Winther & Angeles, who have both been manufacturing trikes, bikes and scooters specifically for nurseries, kindergartens & schools for over 50 years.

The Winther range features as standard:

  • Minimum Three Year Warranty (many have Five Year Warranty)
  • Safe Design with rounded off shapes, and no sharp edges
  • Strong Nylon Bearings for Front & Rear Wheels
  • Non Slip Pedals and one peice Crank Shaft
  • Effective Rust Protection & Impact Resistant Powder Coating
  • Safety Handlebar Grips
  • Anatomically Designed Seat

The Angeles MyRider range features as standard:

  • Five Year Warranty
  • Long Vario Seat allows for children of various ages & sizes to ride comfortably
  • Double strength steel frames to withstand heavy use
  • Coated frames to resist rust & scratches
  • Heavy duty handgrips
  • Robust polypropylene pedals
  • Sturdy, solid rubber tyres on spokeless wheels
  • Self-lubricating bearings
Children & their supervisors love Winther & Angeles products.