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£119.99 incl VAT

Super Early Years Starter Science Kit for collecting and observing all kids of bugs & plants.Pack Contains (14 items) - 1 x Bug Observation Dome, 1 x Bugnoculars, 1 x Bug Scoopers, 1 x Magnifier Adventure Kits, 1 x Do it all Bug Jars, 1 x Ulitmate Bug Viewer, 1 x Giant Test Tubes, 1 x Small Test Tubes, 1...

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£185.99 incl VAT

Science Kit for Collecting and Observing the Natural WorldPack Contains (25 items) 3 x Bug Scooper set, 6 x Ultimate Bug Viewer, 6 x Do It All Bug Jars, 6 x Powerscopes, 1 x aquascope, 3 x Giant Test Tubes, 3 x Bugnoculars

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£17.99 incl VAT

This large Magnifier and Net Set is ideal for capturing and viewing flying insects and bugs. Great value for money resource. Made from durable plastic