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Walkodile® Walking Resources

We are the proud manufacturers of the multi-award winning range of Walkodile children's walking products - designed by our founder - Elaine - an experienced Early Years teacher, specifically for use on outdoor trips with young children.

They are all manufactured to a very high standard, from the strongest materials, so will last a long time.

And there are prices in the range to suit all budgets.

Whichever Walkodile you choose, we're sure your walks will be simpler, safer & more fun for everyone!

If you have any questions about the Walkodile range please contact us.



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£12.99 + VAT

Arm for use with Walkodile® Classic, Quattro & Duo.

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£12.99 + VAT

Bag for use with Walkodile® Classic & Quattro.

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£17.50 + VAT

Repair of 5 Walkodile Arms

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£438.61 + VAT

Children's Walking Rope/Fire Dill Resource from Walkodile®. Includes: 10   x   12 child Grab & Go 5     x    6  child Grab & Go 4    x     4  child Grab & Go 6    x   10 child Grab & Go   Also includes shipping to the US.   10% discount applied.   A great solution to keep...