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Our Product Partner - Angeles

As part of giving our customers plenty information before they purchase a product, we like to give them as much background as we can regarding the manufacturer to re-assure them they are making the right choice.

Here at Hopscotch we carefully select trusted international brands that we know are going to provide quality, durable products that will last the rigours of Early Years Play & Development.

One of the first brands we partnered with was Angeles® Corporation from the U.S.

Angeles® are specialists in the design & manufacture of children's multi seat strollers &  trikes.

The company began its life with one man, Claude Tindell. In 1958, Claude began building tricycles and selling them school-to-school from his station wagon. He made the company successful by promising quality, durability and lifetime service.That combination of personal attention and commitment to quality is what continues to make Angeles® a leading name in pre school products today.

Every Angeles® product goes through extensive testing in to ensure safety, durability and play values are all met.

Since it's inception Angeles® has expanded its range to include high-quality furniture, storage, active play, and rest products for young children.

Today the exclusive Bye Bye Buggy & Bye Bye Stroller are world leaders in multi-seat pushchairs, and the innovative Spaceline Cots are standards in children's settings around the world.

Our first enounter with the company was when we met them at a trade show in Dallas, Texas, where we were showcasing our multi-award winning Walkodile Classic children's walking product in the U.S. for the first time. Their buyers at the event saw Walkodile®, liked it, and Angeles® became our US distributor for the product.

Then a really cool thing happened.

They asked us if we would consider marketing their 4 & 6 child buggies and strollers in the UK. We had never encountered these types of multiple seat pushchairs before, but figured they were just like a Walkodile® on wheels!

We attended another trade show with Angeles® in Washington DC in 2010, and spoke to many of their customers who had purchased Angeles® buggies & trikes and many had been using them for over a decade, some up to 20 years.So this gave us even greater confidence in their products.

We got to know their CEO very well (who is now a great friend), and a really great business partnership was formed.

We have no hesitation in recommending Angeles strollers to our customers. They have great products, made with the strongest materials. And what's more they are great people, who, like ourelves, always put the customer first.





  • March 22, 2017
  • John Stephen