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Our Product Partner - Winther

We first came across Danish company Winther, back in 2007, when we started marketing our first product - Walkodile.

They approached us with an interest to market the product intenationally, so we packed an overnight bag & headed to Billund, a pretty little down bang in the centre of Denmark, and near the famous Legoland.


As it happened, although they liked Walkodile a lot, the partnership for that particular product never worked out. But... when we were over there we took a look at their products and were very impressed with their Trikes and also range of Kiddy Buses which are larger children's strollers & pre-school buggies used for transporting 4-6 children.

Their products looked extremely well made and very strong, and we just got a good feeling about the people behind the company

The Winther story began in 1930 with a traffic accident that left Anders Winther unable to do the hard manual work of a blacksmith. Instead, he looked for other ways to make a living and, in 1932, began producing toboggans, later extending the product range to include tricycles and scooters as well.
Around 1955, the Company began exporting its products to other countries. The Company’s founder, Anders Winther senior, was interested in working with children, their play and their movement, and this led to the development of a series of trikes and bikes for children, which ultimately became Winther’s mission.

We are proud to feature Winther kids trikes, bikes, scooters and buggies in our range, and have no hesitation recommending them to customers for their superb design, and the toughness to withstand the rigours of regular use by early years children.

  • May 11, 2017
  • John Stephen